Reproductive Immunology

Reproductive Immunology

It is still unclear why and how pregnancy related diseases, like pre-eclampsia, develop. Therefore, a lot of research is focussed on investigating the development of the placenta and the changing immunological balances during pregnancy. By evaluation of angiogenic and immunologic systems in the placenta using immunohistochemical (IHC) and haematological methods, scientists are trying to get better leads on how and why these diseases develop.

In order to study immunological patterns in pregnancy, IQ Products provides a variety of markers to identify different cell subsets and cell activation states of the following major leukocyte subtypes:

Besides immune cells, human leukocyte antigens are also an important determinant for pregnancy outcomes. Paternal HLA can trigger an immune reaction by maternal leukocytes, especially when the maternal-fetal immune tolerance is impaired. Identification of the HLA subtype may for example help explain recurrent pregnancy losses. Take a look at the available antibodies.

Human Leukocyte antigens (HLA)

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