The laboratory determination of the level of fetal cells in maternal circulation remains an important support in the obstetrical management of women with suspected uterine trauma and in the proper dose administration of Rh immune globulin. Limitations in the sensitivity and precision of the widely used manual Kleihauer-Betke method have prompted can increased utilization of flow cytometric methods for fetal cell detection in maternal blood samples.

The anti-HbF flow cytometric method for detection of fetal cells offers a simple, reliable and more precise alternative to the KB manual technique for the assessment of fetomaternal hemorrhage. The method has additional potential applications for the study of HbF levels or frequency of adult red cells with low levels of HbF (F cells) in individuals with hemoglobinopathies.

  • Eliminates the need to acquire cord blood to make home brew controls, saving time precious to the laboratory workforce and increases accuracy
  • Three validated levels which correspond to clinical decision points for anti-RhD therapy
  • FDA cleared as a hematologic control for fetal red cell detection
  • 3 months total shelf life

IVD / CE registered

Size Product code Regulatory Status
3 levels, two 2 mL vials
of each level
FDA 510(k) #k002511
3 levels, one 2 mL vial of each level FH102 IVD/CE
FDA 510(k) #k002511

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