With the use of the FMH kit (BRAD3-FITC) and the flow cytometer the laboratory can accurately quantify the number of RhD positive cells in a mixture of RhD positive and negative cells. Therefore the possible fetal maternal haemorrhage can be analyzed in a maternal blood sample when a negative woman carries a RhD positive fetus. For optimal interpretation of the results the kit contains an anti-RhD antibody (BRAD 3) and a negative control antibody (AEVZ 5.3) both labelled with FITC.

  • Based on flow cytometry
  • Kit contains anti-RhD (BRAD 3) FITC and the control antibody (AEVZ 5.3) FITC
  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Total assay time is 45 minutes, hands-on-time 15 minutes
  • IVD/CE registered
Size Product code Regulatory Status
100 tests 9447 IVD/CE

This product is distributed by IQ Products for IBGRL, UK.

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